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RisenTicker: Zum Start ins Wochenende haben wir für euch noch ein kleines Video zusammengeschnitten. http://t.co/K5cTJP5A
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09.02.2015 18:00• New patch for Risen 3
17.08.2014 16:30• Shadowlord
20.04.2014 12:00• Risen 3 Bestiarium
25.02.2014 20:48• Risen 3 Wallpapers
25.02.2014 16:00• Risen 3 Artworks
25.02.2014 16:00• Risen 3 Avatars
09.02.2015 18:00• Risen 3 Patch 1.2
03.09.2014 18:20• Risen 3 Patch 1
20.08.2014 15:17• Test @ Spiegel.de (Risen 3 [de])
18.08.2014 12:00• Test @ 4players.de (Risen 3 [de])
13.08.2014 11:00• Test @ buffed.de (Risen 3 [de])
12.08.2014 18:55• Test @ onlinewelten.com (Risen 3 [de])
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Deep Silver announced today that Risen 3: Titan Lords, which is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 since August, 2014, will also be released for the Playstation 4 this summer.

Release date is August 21, which is about a year after the original release.

The game will be playable by the public for the first time at the Roleplay Convention in Cologne, Germany, at May 16th and 17th.

The PS4 is called an "Enhanced Edition". Deep Silver write in their press statement that this version will include all updates and additioncal content (DLCs) and have a graphics quality similar to the "Ultra" setting on the PC. There will also be new post processing effects and a new volumetric cloud system. The PS4 features Remote Play, Streaming, Recording and Share Play are said to be supported.

written by foobar Comments
Our Modding-Challenge has been over for quite some time. But only now, Kai found the time to evaluate the submissions with the diligence and consideration they deserve.

Together with the World of Risen, he selected the three winners who will each receive a license for the articy:draft Software.

The winners are:
  1. HerrFenrisWolf
  2. Milgo
  3. Klabautermann

We congratulate the winners. And to everyone who did not make it we say: Rest assured that this was a close run. We liked all your ideas. Alas, we had to choose three.

The winners will be notified via PM in the forum.

Kai's tabular analysis of each mod can be found in the thread to this contest in our forum.


• Post in the forum

written by foobar
With a new patch, Piranha Bytes and Deep Silver bring their game Risen 3: Titan Lords to version 1.20.

The only patch besides the hotfix for multicore CPUs adds a new difficulty setting named "Ultra", in which the hero is no longer immune to damage while doing an evasion roll. Potions also get a cooldown period.

Also, several bugs, including plotstoppers like the Zacharias bug have been fixed.

The full changelog can be seen on Steam and in our download description (see below).

User of the Steam version will get the patch through Steam. Those who bought the DRM-free boxed version can download the patch under the link below.


• Download
• Downloadseite bei Deep Silver
• Steam announcement
• Discussion in the forum

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The user known as MN32410 in the forum has created a new Risen 3 modification which focusses on asthetic aspects.

It provides new textures and effects with the goal of improving the visual appearance of the game and thus, enhancing the atmosphere.

The linked thread below contains screenshots and might take a while to load, depending on your internet bandwidth. The thread itself is in German, but the screenshots speak for themselves and the mod should work with international versions of Risen 3 as well.

Update: There is a new version of his texture mod as well. Both mods work best when combined together.


• Atmospheric Mod (German)
• Texture Mod (German)

written by foobar Comments
Piranha Bytes returns home empty-handed from this year's German Game Developer Awards. Their title "Risen 3: Titan Lords" was nominated in the categories:
  • Best technical performance
  • Best story
  • Best roleplaying game
  • Best graphics
  • Best sound
  • Best game design
but was ultimately outdone by the competition.

The award for the best roleplaying game went to "Demonicon", whereas the plattformer "The Last Tinker: City of Colors" can from now on brag with the title of best story.

"Lords of the Fallen" from the Deck13 in Frankfurt who also created "Venetica" back in 2009 received three awards: Best game, best action game and best game design.

The financially troubled developer Crytek (also from Frankfurt) impressed the jury with their technical skills. The awards for best graphics, best sound and best technical performance went to "Ryse: Son of Rome".


• Source (German)

written by foobar Comments
The developer from Essen, Germany, has put a general purpose U/V layout tool on Steam Greenlight.

A demo of the software, called "IPackThat", can be downloaded at that site.


• IPackThat @ Steam Greenlight

written by foobar Comments
Many games, including the first two Risen 2 titles, are now available for 50% less at the download platform GOG.com.

Prices for Risen 1 are €3,99 and €11,89 for Risen 2 Gold. As usual for GOG.com, all titles are DRM-free.

The sale will end at December 15th.


• Risen 1 @ gog.com
• Risen 2 Gold @ gog.com

written by foobar Comments
GOG.com started a sale during which many titles are available at greatly reduced prices. This includes Risen and Risen 2. For example, the current price for Risen 2 Gold is EUR 11,89 which is a 50% discount.

Since GOG.com plans to make flash sales and daily bundles during this sale as well, there is the chance to get the games even cheaper, if one is willing and able to wait for the right moment.

The sale will last until November 25th.


• Risen @ GOG.com
• Risen 2 @ GOG.com
• Risen 2 Gold @ GOG.com

written by foobar Comments
The download portal GOG.com offers a special discount on the Risen series (which in this case means only the first two titles with DLCs) for the next 12 hours.

You can get Risen 1 and 2 including the DLCs for under 23 dollars. All without DRM, of course.

The package can be customized, so you can remove titles you already own or don't want and still get a discount (even if it's not that high anymore).


• Promo at GOG.com

written by foobar Comments

Three single-user licenses for the revolutionary articy:draft software, used by many professional game development studios, are waiting for some modders with good ideas.

Tell what mod you want to realise with this software and if you make it to the top, then the license is yours!

Further information about the contest is available under the link below.


• To the contest description

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