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RisenTicker: Zum Start ins Wochenende haben wir fόr euch noch ein kleines Video zusammengeschnitten. http://t.co/K5cTJP5A
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GOG.com started a sale during which many titles are available at greatly reduced prices. This includes Risen and Risen 2. For example, the current price for Risen 2 Gold is EUR 11,89 which is a 50% discount.

Since GOG.com plans to make flash sales and daily bundles during this sale as well, there is the chance to get the games even cheaper, if one is willing and able to wait for the right moment.

The sale will last until November 25th.


• Risen @ GOG.com
• Risen 2 @ GOG.com
• Risen 2 Gold @ GOG.com

written by foobar Comments
The download portal GOG.com offers a special discount on the Risen series (which in this case means only the first two titles with DLCs) for the next 12 hours.

You can get Risen 1 and 2 including the DLCs for under 23 dollars. All without DRM, of course.

The package can be customized, so you can remove titles you already own or don't want and still get a discount (even if it's not that high anymore).


• Promo at GOG.com

written by foobar Comments

Three single-user licenses for the revolutionary articy:draft software, used by many professional game development studios, are waiting for some modders with good ideas.

Tell what mod you want to realise with this software and if you make it to the top, then the license is yours!

Further information about the contest is available under the link below.


• To the contest description

written by foobar Comments
Irdorath is a fantasy folk band from Belarus. Their music and style are inspired by the Gothic series, and today we present you one such performance, a tribute to the games of Piranha Bytes: the Tale of the Paladin.


• Irdorath's channel @ YouTube

written by Maladiq Comments
Kai Rosenkranz's new album, Journey Home, has ended it's successful Kickstarter campaign. Not only was the initial budget reached, but also all stretch goals have been funded as well.

In Kai's own words, that means:

+++ WE DID IT! +++

Today at 11:11am CEST, my Kickstarter campaign ended. Donations amount to a total of $43.309. Incredible! I would never have expected that, you guys rock! Yiieeha!

All stretch goals have been unlocked:
+++ We'll record an orchestra !
+++ Lisbeth Scott sings for us
+++ We'll have a limited Vinyl edition
+++ Baris Aladag will contribute a music video
+++ I'll hold a composition workshop
+++ The Gothic medley will contain 10 Gothic themes

THANK YOU ALL! This is so amazing.
(Voting winners - and suitcase winners from the live stream - will be announced soon.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

World of Risen would like to congratulate both Kai and the community for making such a wonderful endeavour possible!

If you want more information about the project, check the links below.


• Journey Home Facebook Page
• Kickstarter page
• Discussion in our forum
• EPIC interview with Kai Rosenkranz by World of Risen

written by Maladiq Comments
We are proud to announce that we have launched the official channels for the international community of Piranha Bytes!

The Facebook page and the YouTube channel bring to life forgotten moments from the PB games we all know and love, such as old trailers and early videos, interviews, or even alpha screenshots.

So please check the links below, and don't forget to LIKE! and SUBSCRIBE! as we will keep them updated with new (or old) materials.

Note: We ask you to keep your posts in the English language while visiting the official channels of World of Piranha Bytes.


• World of Piranha Bytes @ Youtube
• World of Piranha Bytes @ Facebook

written by Maladiq Comments
During the gamescom 2014, our very own Don-Esteban had the chance to ask Piranha Bytes some questions which we had been collecting in the team.

The interview was with the story department, namely Jenny and Bjφrn Pankratz and Harald Iken.

It took us some time to transcribe and translate the interview, but it is now finally available. Enjoy!


• Interview

written by foobar Comments
Kai Rosenkranz, responsible for the music in the Gothic series, is now following another path. Or paths, to be precise. Not only did he found the company Nevigo and created the "articy" software, a tool for game developers, but he is also back in business as a music composer. He is currently collecting money on Kickstarter to fund a new music album.

Reason enough for our staff member Maladiq to torture the buzzing ex-Piranha with so many questions, we had no choice but to make an interview out of it.

P.S. There is also an exclusive recording at the end of it all.


• EPIC Interview with Kai Rosenkranz
• Kickstarter campaign
• Exclusive video

written by foobar Comments

Kai Rosenkranz, composer of the soundtrack of Gothic 1-3 and of the first part of the Risen-trilogy, has decided to compose music again after his five years abstinence.

According to Kai, the album will be very personal and is not made for any video game - just music from Kai and some of his friends.

To finance the project, Kai has started a campaign on Kickstarter, 20.000 $ are needed. Further stretchgoals like included orchestra musicians are planned.

For backers spending at least $14, some Gothic and Risen medleys are included. A "Let's Meet Special" for $125 is available, too, which means camping and barbecue with Kai, Mike Hoge, Mattias Filler and Sascha Henrichs - all of them are or have been long-time members of Piranha Bytes.

Furthermore, Kai has launched a thunderclap - and donations via Paypal are possible, too.


• Kai Rosenkranz on Kickstarter
• Discussion at our Boards
• Thunderclap to support propagation of the campaign
• Donations via Paypal

written by MisterXYZ Comments
The patch which Piranha Bytes completed several days ago and submitted to Deep Silver (as we reported) is now officially available.

According the description on the official download page, the patch only fixes the “multicore bug”. Other bugfixes or improvements are apparently not included.

Owners of the Steam version will get the patch automatically via the Steam software. People who purchased the DRM-free retail version will have to manually download and apply the patch.


• Download

written by foobar Comments