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Von Deep Silver betriebener Ticker auf Twitter.com zu Risen.

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RisenTicker: Zum Start ins Wochenende haben wir für euch noch ein kleines Video zusammengeschnitten. http://t.co/K5cTJP5A
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17.08.2014 16:30• Bestiary: The Shadowlord
12.08.2014 19:05• Three Factions Trailer
17.08.2014 16:30• Shadowlord
03.08.2014 22:30• Giant Rat
20.07.2014 15:30• Shadow Warrior
08.07.2014 14:30• Risen 3 system requirements
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The game is out and we conclude the official bestiary with the Shadowlord, one of the high-tier enemies in the game. Read what makes him so dangerous, so that you are prepared when you encounter him in the game.


• Shadowlord

written by foobar Comments
On our own account, we would like to ask our readers who have already played Risen 3: Titan Lords to come to our forum (register here) and vote on the game.

You can also write a detailed review in our voting thread where you can explain your vote or give a detailed and elaborate review.

We would very much like hear your opinion on the game. Is it what you expected? What Piranha Bytes promised? Do you feel cheated or are you just content with the result? Or do you think this is a milestone worthy of the Hall of Fame of RPGs?

So click on the link below tell us what YOU think!


• Voting thread

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Unusual marketing methods by Deep Silver: Normally, trailers are published before a game hits the shelves. But Deep Silver, ever so brazen, decided to wait until the game is available in North America and certain stores in Europe before coming out with this trailer about the three factions.


• Trailer @ youtube.com

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Deep Silver published another stream on the gameplay of Risen 3: Titan Lords. As usual, dialogues are mostly skipped. However, the hero now has learned a few spells which are used during the ever so often combat situations the game is made up of.

At one point, the presenter inadvertently attacks a NPC who has forgotten all about it just minutes later and gives the hero a nice faction armour and trades with him. Apparently, that part of the AI received not many improvements over Risen 2.

You can also see the transformation into a parrot which was already shown in the last stream. It seems to be a mix of a transformation and the levitation spell in the old Risen 1.


• Archived Stream @ twitch.de

written by foobar Comments
Deep Silver released the next gameplay stream for Risen 3: Titan Lords. Just like the first one, it is mostly showing combat.


• Archived Stream @ twitch.tv

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What RPG would be complete without giant rats? How would any hero ever earn his first coins and experience?

So here they are, the Risen 3: Titan Lords edition of a standard low-tier enemy.


• Giant Rat

written by foobar Comments
Deep Silver has published a video stream broadcast via Twitch.tv that shows the gameplay of the upcoming Risen 3: Titan Lords. The archived stream is also available for anyone who missed the live broadcast.

You can skip the first 8 minutes of the stream, as it contains just a "we will begin momentarily" message, followed by the presenter setting up his rig and finding proper volume levels.

The focus of the video is definitely the gameplay, especially combat. Narritive elements, such as story and background information are touched now and then, but mostly not shown and any dialogues with them are skipped.

While the presenters starts his show with the claim that he wants to join the mages, there is no actual player magic shown in the video. Maybe it will be in future streams but for now, you only get to see melee combat.


• Stream @ twitch.de

written by foobar Comments
Deep Silver released a new trailer which depicts certain gameplay elements and the general style of the game.

The overall agenda of the trailer is, as the name suggests, to prove to the public that Risen 3: Titan Lords is indeed a step "back to the roots" for Piranha Bytes.


• Trailer @ youtube.com

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As latest entry in our Risen 3 bestiary, we present the Shadow Warrior. A kind of undead that focusses on melee combat.


• Shadow Warrior
• Discussion in the forum

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The German magazine PC Games Hardware published the official system requirements for Risen 3: Titan Lords on their homepage.

Compared to the predecessor, Risen 2: Dark Waters, little has changed. Some elements have been slightly raised (e.g. the CPU now needs at least 300 MHz more). Interestingly, the minimum graphics have been reduced. While Risen 2 needed at least a 8800 GTX or Radeon HD 3870, Risen 3 is suposed to be playable with a 9600 GT or a HD 3850.

The probably most important, though little surprising change is that Windows XP is no longer officially supported. The game now requires at least Windows Vista. We do currently not know whether it will run on XP nonetheless (without support) or if the requirement is really necessary (e.g. because the game needs DirectX 10).

Update: Michael Rüve from Piranha Bytes wrote in our forum that the game will probably run on Windows XP. But there are no guarantees.


• News at the PC Games Hardware (German)
• System requirements on our site

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