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Von Deep Silver betriebener Ticker auf Twitter.com zu Risen.

Newest entry:
RisenTicker: Zum Start ins Wochenende haben wir für euch noch ein kleines Video zusammengeschnitten. http://t.co/K5cTJP5A
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20.07.2014 15:30• Bestiary: The Shadow Warrior
20.07.2014 15:30• Shadow Warrior
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Deep Silver released a new trailer which depicts certain gameplay elements and the general style of the game.

The overall agenda of the trailer is, as the name suggests, to prove to the public that Risen 3: Titan Lords is indeed a step "back to the roots" for Piranha Bytes.


• Trailer @ youtube.com

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As latest entry in our Risen 3 bestiary, we present the Shadow Warrior. A kind of undead that focusses on melee combat.


• Shadow Warrior
• Discussion in the forum

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The German magazine PC Games Hardware published the official system requirements for Risen 3: Titan Lords on their homepage.

Compared to the predecessor, Risen 2: Dark Waters, little has changed. Some elements have been slightly raised (e.g. the CPU now needs at least 300 MHz more). Interestingly, the minimum graphics have been reduced. While Risen 2 needed at least a 8800 GTX or Radeon HD 3870, Risen 3 is suposed to be playable with a 9600 GT or a HD 3850.

The probably most important, though little surprising change is that Windows XP is no longer officially supported. The game now requires at least Windows Vista. We do currently not know whether it will run on XP nonetheless (without support) or if the requirement is really necessary (e.g. because the game needs DirectX 10).

Update: Michael Rüve from Piranha Bytes wrote in our forum that the game will probably run on Windows XP. But there are no guarantees.


• News at the PC Games Hardware (German)
• System requirements on our site

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A new entry in the Risen 3 bestiary: The Iron Golem joins the ranks of the monsters in our little article series.


• Iron Golem
• Discussion in the forum

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As part of the grand finale of GOG's DRM-free Summer Sale, interested gamers can purchase the Risen saga (i.e. Risen 1 and 2) for only 7.98 USD. This is a 80% discount and the offer only lasts for the next 21 hours.


• Risen Saga @gog.com

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Another animal that seems to have been recycled from the Gothic fictional fauna. The Scavenger make its appearance in the Risen 3 beastiary.


• Scavenger

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This sunday, the gnome is being presented in our Risen 3 bestiary. If you watches the videos of the parts of the game which were playable during the RPC in Cologne, you already saw their mining expertise. Which is how they are described here as well.


• Gnome

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The German Let's Player (or whatever the correct noun for people who make Let's Play videos is) published a preview video about Risen 3: Titan Lords on his YouTube channel.

Besides impressions of the new world, the video also features dialogues, the combat system, the inventory and first quests.

Obviously, the audio is in German but the images might be interesting for everyone.


• Youtube channel of Gronkh

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Two new entries have been published in our bestiary. The first one is the Great Jungle Spider, a scary and silent arachnid monster. The second one is the Dragonsnapper, a fast reptile hunter.


• Great Jungle Spider
• Dragon Snapper

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As Deep Silver informed us yesterday, Risen 3 will be released at August 15th.

The publisher describes the game as follows:
In Risen 3, a shadow has stolen the soul of our hero. Half dead and half alive, he embarks on a quest to heal himself, only to discover that the darkness is spreading inside him. Even worse: In the entire world of Risen, skull caves rise from the ground and spout shadow creatures onto the earth.

To restore his soul, our hero has to face the darkest threat in the story of the Risen saga in this dark CGI trailer.

The rough, living and versatile world of the classic roleplaying game Risen 3 allows him to choose his own faction and make his own way.
And here is the trailer:

Deep Silver emphasizes again that Risen 3: Titan Lord will be playable to the general public for the first time on the RPC in Cologne, which takes place this weekend.


• RPC Germany

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