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Von Deep Silver betriebener Ticker auf Twitter.com zu Risen.

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RisenTicker: Zum Start ins Wochenende haben wir für euch noch ein kleines Video zusammengeschnitten. http://t.co/K5cTJP5A
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The Website pcr-online.biz published an interview with Daniel Oberlerchner yesterday. Since Daniel left Deep Silver in November 2011, it seems safe to conclude that the interview sat on somebody's desk for a while, possibly waiting for approval by Deep Silver.

One thing we are very proud of in Risen 2 is that we managed to extend the Risen universe with a pirate story which snaps into the plot of the first game and picks up loose ends to bring them to a surprising conclusion. We moved from one central island to an archipelago and also made sure that the player will meet characters who are familiar from the first game.

By the way: Don't believe the release date. Risen 2 is not out already.


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