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Risen 2: Dark Waters PC (en)
Name Erscheinungsdatum Beschreibung
Interview with Björn Pankratz by Gamebanshee 18.02.2012 09:45 We've made some big changes and additions to the skill system this time. For example, players can now visit instructors to learn a lot of different perks linked to their skills. The dirty tricks you can learn could be considered pretty "pirate-y".
Interview with Björn Prankratz @ rpgamer.com 17.02.2012 10:36 We want to tell the story like a book, which makes it necessary to define the character in advance. This enables us to describe the character's development and inter-personal relationships better. Moreover, it makes the dialogs less random and the story more exciting. We prefer to allow the player to make whatever choices they want in dialogs and play with the solution options, rather than selecting a character class and gender at the beginning and accepting a more generic world.
HookedGamers with Björn Pankratz 30.01.2012 10:43 My name is Björn Pankratz, I've been working for Piranha Bytes since the original Gothic game, and my fields are game design, story, and project management.
RPGamer (Community) with Björn Pankratz 30.01.2012 10:42 With Risen 2: Dark Waters set for a Q2 release, Piranha Bytes' Björn Pankratz, the Project Director on the game, was nice enough to set aside some time to answer questions from the RPGamer community.