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04.04.2008 21:53 [Interviews (english)] Interview with Michael Rüve
After the agreement between Piranha Bytes and JoWooD we used our chance to talk with Michael Rüve, the business manager at Piranha Bytes. He comments to some of our questions, because a lot of people didn't understand them after many explanatory notes.

1. What does this advice mean to you? I read out of the advice, that the judges made a kind of an accord and now everything is calm. I cannot read out of the advice that you and JoWooD gonna make some projects together. Can you say something about this?

Mostly of that you have read is right. Some details are intimate or for some guys not interesting. But: We made out of a huge contractual relationship a short and clear proportion.

2. What have you learned after all these years?

The worst way for the parties thereto is to go to the court of justice. "Learned" isn't the adapted word - But that was for a long time my opinion.

3. With which points you could find agreements? We would like to know that.

Details. But the biggest consequence is that not JoWooD and not Piranha Bytes will make bigger problems with legal questions about Gothic 3, Gothic 4 oder RPB.

4. Has this settlement some sequences with some authorizations?

Details. But of course it is about the settlement with legal questions.

5. It exists a crazy situation that you got the right to a name of Gothic and Xardas, but JoWooD owns the marketing authorizations. Could you find a better way between your both interests?

This is not abnormal in the branch of video games. We have just found a good solution.

6. Could you give us more details about your co-operation in the future?


7. Do you wanna help to optimize Gothic 3 in the future?

No, nobody asked us, and by the way: We don't got the ressources for this.

8. Somebody put a myth into the game branch that Piranha Bytes will make an add-on for Gothic 3. Is that right?

I think you know that we don't share in this myths, even not JoWooD.

9. At any time somebody said before the argument between PB and JoWooD, that PB will release a Gothic 3 editor. Can we have some hopes?

We have nothing do to with this. Just Spellbound can release this editor. But I don't know whether they will.

10. Will we follow at any time the story about Xardas and the namless hero? Made by Piranha?

Goodness knows? Maybe, but not in the moment. First we have to addict our whole concentration to RPB.

Talking to Michael Rüve: meditate