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Risen 2: Dark Waters PC (en)
Name Release date Description
Review @ RPG Codex 03.07.2012 12:00 "Ending this review, I can only ask myself one question. Just what the hell happened? Risen 2 has basically screwed up everything it could. The combat is horrid, the exploration tedious, the quest design atrocious. The 25 hours it takes to finish the game is better spent hitting your head against the wall. What was Piranha Bytes trying to do? Have they not learned their friggin lesson with the transition from Gothic 2 to Gothic 3 and then to Risen again? The saddest part is that there is actually some potential here, some interesting ideas hidden under all the piles of horrible design."
Review @ GamerSector 22.06.2012 12:00 The Good:
Sword fighting
Pirate Theme

The Bad:
Overpowered Guns
Small control issues
Skill trainers

Review @ Player Affinity 09.06.2012 12:00 However, if players are prepared before starting the game, and are willing to play Risen 2 on the developersí terms, then it can be a very fun game. It has a free-roaming nature, giving players lots of sidequests and optional stories to pursue. There are also story and faction choices at various occasions, so players will be able t explore this world as they likeÖ as long as they donít choose to just head right down the main quest line.

Review @ The Married Gamers 06.06.2012 12:00 "In conclusion I must state again, patience is the key for this game. It is hard in the beginning, extremely hard. The player is pretty weak and canít afford most upgrades to skills. This can lead to a LOT of frustration but hang in there. The player will be rewarded for their loyalty with a game that is insanely rich in environments and adventure. The story works and there are plenty of characters and places to find and explore. The player can choose a variety of ways to progress through story allowing the player to capitalize on their well-earned skills."
Review @ winarticles.net 04.06.2012 12:00 "It has a robust charm that is partly due to its fun, pirate theme, and the way one alluring quest always leads into another. Much like the Gothic games. Risen 2 can be hugely enjoyable even though you sometimes feel like youíre beta testing an unfinished work."
Review @ DualShockers 03.06.2012 12:00 "The setting, the story and the main characters are extremely enjoyable, but in order to make the game accessible Piranha Bytes removed a lot of the elements that made the previous Risen shine. A rushed release and probably an excessively low budget ended up cutting off the legs of the game and the wooden peg legs used as replacements struggle in supporting the weight of the experience."

Review @ Softpedia 01.06.2012 15:50 "The main reasons to love the game are the pirate theme that has until now been missing from the role-playing space and is a good fit for the genre, and the overall structure of the world, which feels organic and natural and encourages players to explore, get a little lost, start many quests before finishing one."
"The core problems are the combat, which is simply frustrating, the design of the core characters, which is clichťd, and the overall writing."
Review @ MyGaming 30.05.2012 12:00 "The pirate theme is fun and refreshing, the environments are vast and beautiful and the vulgar style is humourous and fits with the well-executed theme. The game doesnít ask a lot of you, with an accessible interface and structure and a fairly linear path of progression."

"The messy combat and unreliable and potentially unforgiving character development system can hurt the experience and the game can at times be somewhat glitchy."

Review @ GamesDot.org 29.05.2012 12:00 "It is a game I would recommend to anyone who played an adventure game and enjoyed it as exploring and conversation will be constantly rewarded. Combat and skill building is fun and present and even more enjoyable than the games' story sometimes when the latter gets a little predictable. Plus it ends sort of abruptly, but at the right moment or else everything would have become tedious instead of fun. So good it's a good balance."

Review @ Gaming Irresponsibly 28.05.2012 14:40 "Pros:
High difficulty yields satisfaction
Lots of adventure
Entertaining and immature dialog options
Flexible leveling options

Character movement is weird
Controls are sluggish and sometimes unresponsive
Magic and factions have been streamlined to near irrelevance"

Review @ G3AR 25.05.2012 12:00 "In spite of its many flaws, Risen 2 is a surprisingly fun experience that still manages to reel you in. It certainly wonít be remembered for its clunky combat or overly-indulgent story, but RPG fans will find things to appreciate in it, even if there are better games of its genre in the market. The general lack of polish make it the sort of title that you purchase on sale, though."

Review @ OXCGN 24.05.2012 12:00 "Not for the weak, impatient gamer, Risen 2 is certainly guaranteed to keep you busy for some time if youíre looking to invest with a new RPG.

"In the end, what more do you need to fill your spare time other than in a fantasy world filled with pirates, voodoo, monsters and wenches!"

Review @ Awesome/10 24.05.2012 12:00 "Certain aspects of Risen have the potential to make it an exceptional game, while others are indicative of ďjust another RPG.Ē Dark Waters takes the best of pirate lore and a beautiful world and lays it on top of some fairly standard RPG systems. While itís not exactly groundbreaking, itís more than adequate if youíre looking for something to scratch that thieving, deceitful, greed-driven RPG itch."
Review @ GGS Gamer 23.05.2012 12:00 "And yet, with all of its faults in mind, Risen 2: Dark Waters is a lot of fun if you are willing to go past its numerous problems. It is a game that I am sure will be patched several times over on the PC and made into the great experience that it could be. I like the ideas behind combat, the main story and the interactions between your crew and NPCs, but every time you start to enjoy Risen 2, it sucker punches you in the groin and kicks dirt in your face. I think there is a lot to enjoy, but give yourself time to dig in and get the full experience."
Review @ Hot Blooded Gaming 21.05.2012 12:00 Risen 2′s world is worth getting lost in
When everything works as intended the game presents extremely gorgeous visuals
Thereís some memorable characters that youíll meet while questing

Weird visual bugs, such as morphing vegetation
The game starts off extremely boring Ė it has a bad first impression
The combat never becomes satisfying, just more tolerable

Review @ The Digital Fix 18.05.2012 11:00 "Risen 2 is by-the-by a solid game. It largely gets the basics right and brings a few extra goodies to set itself apart from the norm, but some will be too frustrated with the annoying design flaws to appreciate it. Although there are no great risks or innovations, there are no major flaws either. If you can forgive the little quirks and idiosyncrasies youíll be rewarded with a generally humorous and entertaining experience"

Review @ Find Your Geek 17.05.2012 15:51 A lack of choices in how to go about combat does not compliment your ability to choose how you wish to execute a quest. Instead, combat pigeon-holes you into choosing a sword or gun related class if you want to do any damage. Many features of Risen 2: Dark Waters take a lengthy period of time to come into their own, but there are some really great moments in this pirate RPG. The game is not awful in its entirety, but it definitely needs some more attention paid to some of the core aspects.

Review @ Brash Games 16.05.2012 12:00 "Itís competition still does many things better than it, with higher production values and an a difficulty curve that doesnít randomly spike every so often. But Risen 2 isnít the kind of game that deserves to be put down because of what it couldnít achieve, it should be celebrated for what it does. Sure, not everyone will take to this high seas adventure, but for those who stick it out, that heartfelt charm and itís welcoming visuals certainly wonít make itís journey feel like a wasted one."

Review @ The Gaming Vault 15.05.2012 12:00 " Odd choices in gameplay as well as a frustrating combat experience can leave you angry at times but the joy that can be had with its narrative and cinematic experience is something that can alleviate said annoyances."

Review @ 2nd-Impact 15.05.2012 12:00 "This isnít a perfect experience, as a matter of fact, the technical problems can be annoying, but itís a believable experience. One that takes you on a quest filled with the exploration of dangerous jungles full of treacherous, murderous scum."

Review @ Save and Quit 14.05.2012 16:54 "There might be a good game buried somewhere under all the bad in Risen 2, but if there is, I canít be bothered to find it, not when there are so many better alternatives for action RPGs out there that donít involve any digging to find enjoyment. I recommend steering clear of these waters, matey."

Review @ GameSpy 14.05.2012 12:00 "If it sounds like I have a love/hate relationship with Risen 2, then guilty as charged. This is one of those games that's brimming with quirks, ranging from the minor to momentously glitchy. And for all the artifact-gathering and hand-wringing over Risen 2's "big bad," the final fight is anti-climactic and relatively easy."

Review @ Girl Gamer 14.05.2012 12:00 Overall 4 Ė This game needs a lot of polishing to reach its full potential. The story and environment are there, but not the other important aspects of an enjoyable game.
Review @ Tech, Gadgets, Web 13.05.2012 12:00 "Recommending Risen 2 Dark Waters is hard due to the clumsy combat and a few issues it suffers from. But if you can look pass that, Risen 2 is still packed with fun and is a good role-playing experience for fans of the genre. Risen 2 Dark Waters is out now for the PC, however Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are scheduled for release on 3rd August."
Review @ RPS (Wot I Think) 11.05.2012 23:00 I guess Iím procrastinating from saying what I need to say, which is that youíre better off avoiding Risen 2 than picking it up. I know full well thatís the right thing to say, but Iíve been reluctant to because itís clearly got heart and soul, the skill tree is full of genre-unusual delights and it offers several sweet hats.

Review @ Gamer Euphoria 11.05.2012 12:00 "Risen 2: Dark Waters offers a lot to like taken in its parts. A competent story, a good amount of player-driven choices, and beautiful locations to explore make it one of the best (and only) pirate RPGs out there. But it fell short for me when it came to other mechanical things like combat and character development."

Review @ GamerZines 11.05.2012 12:00 "The big question that has to be asked though is that is this a substantial improvement over the original Risen and in our opinion that answer has to be no. Dark Waters feels a lot more disposable than its atmospheric predecessor and lacks a lot of personality, which for a Piranha Bytes game is really strange."

Review @ Shacknews 10.05.2012 18:00 "Risen 2: Dark Waters offers a lot to like taken in its parts. A competent story, a good amount of player-driven choices, and beautiful locations to explore make it one of the best (and only) pirate RPGs out there. But it fell short for me when it came to other mechanical things like combat and character development."
Review @ NAG Online 10.05.2012 12:00 "Risen 2 is not terrible but it's difficult to justify its existence."
Review @ Level Save 10.05.2012 12:00 "Good: Unique gameplay setting | Entertaining Dialogue | Engaging story

"Bad: Frustrating combat | Bugs | Problematic leveling system"

"I wanted to love this game, but the frustrating gameplay teamed up with the horde of bugs to finally nail the coffin shut on my interest."

Review @ ActionTrip 09.05.2012 12:00 "The odd thing is that Risen 2 is not a bad little pirate adventure. Even with all its peculiarities, I have to be honest, I did have fun along the way. Plenty of fun. The quest structure is solid and rarely feels repetitive or bored. At this point, I should say that even with all these drawbacks, I felt compelled to play on."

Review @ PCMag 07.05.2012 12:00 "Risen 2: Dark Waters delivers does a decent job of creating a pirate-fantasy adventure, but it feels flat at times and has trouble overcoming some of the more annoying RPG tropes."

Review @ games.on.net 07.05.2012 07:47 "Risen 2: Dark Waters is the kind of game where you almost donít need to complete it to get your moneyís worth. The story is unimportant and the telling so loose that no real investment is ever made. Itís simply a portal to a pirate world where you can slash some beasties and experiment with questionable AI."
Review @ The Blast 06.05.2012 12:00 "But stilted presentation, muted visuals (I refer back to awkward character gestures), muddy textures, and over-used combat dialogue combined with a combat system that just isnít remarkable in any way, shape or form doesnít exactly an epic pirate adventure make. There was much that could have been accomplished here, and at times you catch a small glimpse of greatness. With a bit more polish and care, Risen 2: Dark Waters could have knocked it out of the park."

Review @ PC Gamer 04.05.2012 12:16 "Risen 2 is as coarsely put together as the pirates it references throughout. Dig around and thereís real gold to be found in the hours of game-time it offers, but the sheer hard work required to unearth them will be too much for all but the truly dedicated RPG plunderer."

Review @ IncGamers 04.05.2012 12:00 "Objectively speaking, Risen 2 a bit of a broken, over-ambitious mess, but it's a bizarrely enjoyable one because of the way the flawed mechanics flow together, and it's buoyed up by its amount of heart."

Review @ Eurogamer 03.05.2012 12:00 "There's simply not a single thing that Risen 2 does well, not its stilted combat, not its transparent towns, and definitely not its plot"
"Then again, there's nothing it does badly either, so it's no thief. Not at all. Just a ship with no star to sail by."

Review @ GameSpot 03.05.2012 12:00 "Risen 2's slow-paced progression and clumsy combat require and reward patience, something Risen and Gothic veterans have in spades. If you are such a player, you might be surprised by how focused this sequel is when compared with its sprawling, unforgiving predecessors. But Risen 2: Dark Waters surpasses its foibles, offering up a joyous and occasionally profane odyssey through humid jungles, dank caves, and imposing temples. It also lets you make monkeys fight each other, and that's a mechanic any RPG lover can get behind."
Review @ wethegamerz 03.05.2012 12:00 "Risen 2 is a game that improves in some areas from the first Risen but still feels like a last generation action RPG. The game is quite hard and while exploring is encouraged, if you venture too far and if you donít have the right weapons or skills then you will get killed in a matter of seconds, which can be very frustrating. I feel like this could have been a good game and it had some potential, but what holds Risen 2 back is a hit or miss combat system, boring fetch quests, lots of AI glitches, and a very dull story."

Review @ Metro.co.uk 03.05.2012 00:00 "In Short: There's plenty of potential and good ideas here but very little fun, in a game that tries to make a pirate's life seem as frustrating and repetitive as possible."

Review @ BeefJack 02.05.2012 12:00 "For all its interesting elements and admirable ambition, Risen 2 is ultimately an unsatisfying and at times unedifying experience. Piranha Bytes still have a way to go to before they reach the RPG summit."

Review @ Gamers Daily News 02.05.2012 12:00 "Letís be honest. Risen 2 has a lot of problems, bugs, glitches, and more. It is not a pirate version of Elder Scrolls. But despite all of the failures and short comings, I had ten times more fun playing Risen 2 than I ever did in Skyrim. Perhaps it is the engaging pirate story and feel, or the excitement of something out of the ordinary. Whatever the reason may be, I am still having fun plundering and pillaging this tropical fantasy world after 40+ hours."

Review @ Capsule Computers 01.05.2012 12:00 "Risen 2: Dark Waters certainly has itís faults, and for some the technical limitations and clunky combat system will be enough to completely disregard the game. It is brimming with character though, and brings a much needed sense of humor to bear that helps smooth over some of the rough edges. If you can stick with it for a few hours and get familiar with its bumps and bruises then there is a pretty good experience to be had, but Risen 2 is very much one of the roughest of diamonds."

Review @ ABC 01.05.2012 12:00 "Even so, I really enjoyed the repartee between the characters, and I enjoyed being part of this big pirate adventure"

"I just want my games - especially an RPG - to feel a bit more solidly tested and trouble free - especially if I'm expected to dedicate hours and hours to it.."

Review @ GAMINGtruth 01.05.2012 10:18 "At its core, Risen 2: Dark Waters is a solid role-playing game. However, a muddled story, poor characters, low quality graphics and technical issues prevent the game from reaching its peers, let alone stand above them. The game isnít bad and does provide some enjoyable moments."

Review @ The Game Fanatics 30.04.2012 12:00 "We Liked:
Pretty to look at with lots of detailed and varied environments, pirate theme is well done, much easier to get into than the original Risen...it doesn't take long to get to the "good stuff".

We Disliked:
Combat system is just as clunky as its predecessor, against humans it can be fun and varied, against beasts its a mess. World doesn't feel as vast as the first game, Voodoo magic system feels tacked on.

Our Final Take:
3 / 5 - Above Average"
Review @ GamingBolt 29.04.2012 12:00 "The Good: Fun quests. Lot of character customization. Challenging game. The visuals are good provided you have a competent PC.

The Bad: Inconsistent. Production values are on the lower side. Character models are questionable. The combat can be frustrating."

Review @ OKS 29.04.2012 12:00 A fairly short, more streamlined RPG experience, Risen 2 is suitable for those of you who enjoyed games like The Witcher, Divinity 2, Gothic 4 (if anyone enjoyed that) and Two Worlds 2. Whilst feature full Ė large and vibrant, Risen 2 wonít have you grinding away or exploring vast open terrain.
Review @ Digital Trends 28.04.2012 12:00 "Despite any flaws, Risen 2 captures its subject perfectly. Itís got heart. That usually isnít enough to save a lousy video game, but in this case it is. Or it was for me. I think the ability to appreciate the experience stems from two things: your fondness for pirate lore and your tolerance for bad design."
Review @ Game Over Online 27.04.2012 19:21 "Iím in a bit of a conundrum here. I have to be honest and give this entry the low marks that it clearly deserves. But at the same time, I feel like Iím smothering my child to death. After all, I canít be the only reviewer who is going to dog-pile on this game, and when the numbers are finally tallied, publisher Deep Silver may just decide to end the Risen series altogether. So yes, Risen 2: Dark Waters is not worth buying at full price (grab it in a Steam sale for , six months from now), but, contradictorily, I really hope people ignore my advice and buy the game up anyway and enjoy the experience despite the abortive pacing. Because as much as I enjoy the thought of people taking my reviews seriously, I would rather play a longer, more polished, Risen 3 and 4 instead."

Review @ Game Chronicles 27.04.2012 12:00 While you can never totally forgot about all of the gameís issues, thereís enough good in the game that makes it worth pushing through. It isnít an experience for everyone, but if you consider yourself capable of taking on the challenge and donít mind overlooking its technical flaws and some perplexing user interface decisions, Risen 2 is a rewarding experience with plenty of piratey fun.

Review @ 411mania.com 27.04.2012 12:00 "Overall this is a very solid RPG to be enjoyed. The quest structure, characters and general setting make it unique among other games. The length is about 15-25 hours depending on how much side stuff you wish to encounter. There is some technical jank here and there but it doesn't detract from the game. If anything, it actually kind of adds to it, giving it a charm all its own. If you like games like the Witcher 2, Fable or Two Worlds 2, this is a game that shouldn't be missed."

Review @ Game Rant 27.04.2012 12:00 "Risen 2 is a RPG that, despite its technical limitations, offers surprisingly addictive gameplay and provides a fun ride for those who are fans of pirate lore. Upon starting the game, I had some serious concerns, but the combat, exploration, and story kept me entertained throughout. Itís not the most polished RPG out there, but Risen 2 is a nice change of pace from standard RPG fare."

Review @ GAMElitist 27.04.2012 12:00 "At the end of the day, if you are looking to roleplay and roleplay properly in a game, then this is the ideal game for you; providing you are willing to grit your teeth through the grinding and try to understand the clever, but often puzzling plot. If you are alternately looking for an action-filled, fast and fluid fighting game, then maybe you would be better off waiting for the next LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean game to be released!"

Review @ GamerFront 27.04.2012 12:00 "At first, I was a little off-put by the sluggish gameplay presented in Risen 2: Dark Waters, but as I maneuvered through the game things got better quickly. Thereís still some issues with combat that bother me, and I would have liked to see some elements given more detail. Risen 2 can be beautiful at times, urging the player to set out on a journey to explore the elements contained within a world of wonder. Piranha Bytes did a swell job of incorporating accurate dťcor, costuming, scene design, and dialogue to make a game that is exceptionally marketable as a pirate RPG, though disappointments in character progression, a faulty magic system, and recycled locations make the game seem a little bit too run-of-the-mill in the end."

Review @ GameInformer 26.04.2012 23:31 "Seeing the promise that occasionally shines through Risen 2ís many flaws is disheartening."

"As much as I wanted to love it, Risen 2 ends up as another entry in the long list of games with a great premise, a few interesting ideas, and an unforgivable anchor dragging the whole thing down."
Review @ Out of Eight 26.04.2012 12:00 "The Good: Varied item types, buried treasure and voodoo
The Not So Good: Repetitive and dull auto-aimed combat lacks depth and skill, enemies routinely forget they are attacking you, occasionally vague quest details, linear mission order with lots of tedious mandatory sub-quests, slow character growth with expensive training that injures you, generally useless allies, unfair difficulty, imprecise item interaction, some graphical bugs"

Review @ Just Push Start 26.04.2012 12:00 " If you are searching for a RPG game with a solid pirate theme that has interesting characters that will give you some funny moments and the freedom to do whatever you want, then Dark Waters might be the game youíre looking for or, at least, your best possible option at the moment. For fans of the games made by Pirahna Bytes or at least you enjoyed the first game, thereís no doubt you will somewhat enjoy this game despite the flaws."

Review @ GameFront 26.04.2012 12:00 "While it does have some rough patches and arguable design choices, Risen 2 has something far more important: Itís just fun. Once the game starts to get good, it provide hours of excellent entertainment. Sure, the frustrations are there in spots, but the swashbuckling fun it presents out weighs a lot of the small negatives, at least in my book."

Review @ Inside Bay Area 26.04.2012 00:38 "But the fighting and upgrade systems can't make up for a game with frustrating bugs and lackluster visuals. Although Piranha Bytes creates a rich world, the character design and animation feel robotic and clunky."

"Piranha Bytes has talent and "Risen 2" has good ideas, but the lack of visual panache and game play polish makes it feel as though this game wasn't ready to set sail."
Review @ Blogcritics 25.04.2012 19:19 "In short, I think paying for this game at full AAA price is pretty unwise and not recommended. When it gets down to the or less mark, you might want to take a look if you are in need of an at times frustrating, RPG laugh."

Review @ IRBGamer 25.04.2012 12:00 "All in all, despite a few faux pas, Risen 2: Dark Waters Is an incredibly fun game. Nowhere near Skyrim in terms of quantity of interactions and stuff to do, but itís a nice place to wonder around and earn money. The best part of this game is going around and exploring and there is plenty of that to do. Wandering into a few caves will definitely give you a fright if you arenít strong enough though so remember to save often!"

Review @ FanboyGaming 25.04.2012 12:00 "All in all I enjoyed every minute I played of Risen 2. There is so much to do and many side quests to complete that made the game a more enjoyable experience. As far as other Piranha Bytes games go, this it their most in depth game. If youíre looking for a Pirate RPG with crude humor, action, and an in-depth story then I recommend you buy Risen 2 Dark Waters."
Review @ Colony of Gamers 24.04.2012 14:20 "Risen 2 really feels like two separate games. The end game, when youíre relatively high level and skilled, is entertaining and mostly well thought out. But getting to that point is a real slog through some poor design choices and balancing. I can live with the, mostly minor, technical issues. But when the first thing that comes to mind when describing a game is Ďslogí I canít really recommend it."

Review @ G4tv 24.04.2012 12:00 "The Pros
Refreshing take on the fantasy genre; there really isn't another game with quite the same world.
Choice actually matters, and thinking outside the box is encouraged.
No "go here" markers or mini-map make for a challenging, no hands-holding experience.

The Cons
Graphics leave plenty to be desired. Even on highest settings, this feels like a game from 2007.
Melee combat is too slow and heavy, like a hack'n'slash dungeon crawler."
Review @ ZTGD 24.04.2012 12:00 "The narrative is one of charm and lasting appeal."

"If you can look past some of the more useless skills and sluggish combat, youíll still have a great time while playing Risen 2."

8.5/10 Editor's Choice
Review @ StrategyInformer 24.04.2012 12:00 "Thereís a great game in here, and people who buy Risen 2 will probably be quite content with their purchase if they can get past the infuriating first few hours (and that sugar quest in the giant termite cave, shudder). Sadly itís dug itself a hole with a few terrible design decisions and the good things about the game canít dig Risen 2 out of it."
Review @ Canadian Online Gamers 24.04.2012 12:00 "Overall, I really enjoyed Risen 2: Dark Waters. Between the beautiful visuals, intriguing story and environments, and unique take on the RPG genre, Risen 2 should be on the radar of any RPG fan. It has an undeniable charm, and a more personal feel than many blockbuster games. Itís well worth a look."

Review @ AtomicMPC 24.04.2012 07:42 "Risen 2 is very much a game we want to like, but it doesnít quite want to meet us half way."

"If youíre looking for instant satisfaction, this may not be your thing, but if you want a game thatís going to reward a certain stubborn persistence, Risen 2 might just be the perfect game for you."

Review @ The Verge 23.04.2012 16:04 "Risen 2 always redeems itself with the little things about the pirate fantasy it nails."

"Like a cardboard-sword wielding toddler knocking over his chocolate milk, it's tough to stay angry at Risen 2 when it's having this much fun playing pirates."

Review @ RipTen 23.04.2012 16:00 "+ Graphically stunning island setting
+ Maintains the level of challenge of its predecessor
+ Robust combat systemÖ
- Öthat could benefit from a dodge mechanic to add flow
- Expense of skills sometimes feels too high
- An assortment of minor dialogue problems and inconsistencies"

Review @ WikiGameGuides 23.04.2012 15:40 "I truly canít remember the last time I played an RPG like Risen 2. Both combat and storyline feel like brief glimpses back into the 90s when developers were crafting fantasy settings in three dimensions. While its minor nuances excel, problems grander in scale try and cut the experience short. The gameplay has its flaws, but I found myself genuinely absorbed in the world at times. Itís just a shame Risen 2 kept pushing me away.."

Review @ ign.com 23.04.2012 12:00 "If you desperately to role-play as a pirate, you certainly can in Risen 2, but you'll also find little that's memorable, and a multitude of poorly implemented ideas and missed opportunities."

Rating: 6.5/10 ("Okay")
Review @ Neoseeker 23.04.2012 12:00 "With all of its elements combined, Risen 2 proves another solid effort by Piranha Bytes."

"Whether you're in it for the pirate theme, the RPG mechanics or both, you'll be knee deep in adventure and booty and loving nearly every minute of it."

9/10, Editor's choice
Review @ AtomicGamer 23.04.2012 12:00 "It turns out that if you throw enough pirate gags at the player, you still can't really cover up a stiff and busted combat system that's been holding you back for nearly a decade. What's new with the pirate theme is often original and off-beat, and with just a few tweaks and maybe a little letting go of their own traditions, Piranha Bytes could be making far more entertaining and exciting games."

Review @ The Controller Online 23.04.2012 12:00 "The combat in Risen 2: Dark Waters is buggy and boring but it's surrounded by a challenging game and engrossing environment."

"The difficulty may scare some people off, but it will also be the element that sucks some people in."

Review @ VGRevolution 23.04.2012 12:00 "Overall, despite the slow pacing I had fun playing as a dirty thieving pirate. The combat mixes swords, guns and dirty tricks pretty nicely."

"If you ever wanted to be a pirate, then youíll find Risen 2 really enjoyable."

Review @ Inside Gaming Daily 23.04.2012 12:00 "Risen 2: Dark Waters sets out to deliver an adventurous RPG experience in a genre that doesnít see much attention these days. While it partially succeeds in exploring some of the aspects of pirate life, it doesnít deliver on it enough to make the experience super exciting."

"If youíre a pirate fan looking for a basic but functional adventure set in the land of pirates, Risen 2: Dark Waters is only a decent arrrrrrrpg."

Review @ RPGFan 23.04.2012 12:00 "Ultimately, Risen 2 feels unfinished. I feel like I played half a game, in terms of both content and quality. Unlike some games with small, but well designed worlds, Risen 2's feels small. Quests, main and side alike, are shallow and repetitive with few decisions for the player to make. "

Review @ GameBanshee 23.04.2012 12:00 "So, an unbridled success this is not, nor is it a sequel that is "better in every way". It is better in some ways to Risen, but it also loses some of its shine to needless simplifications, the occasional lack of openness of some locations, and the addition of superfluous gameplay elements. Still, as a fan of Piranha Bytes' work, I found this to be a very enjoyable (if flawed) addition to their library."
Review @ Gaming's Rapture 23.04.2012 12:00 "I would recommend the purchase on this game if you feel youíre willing to enjoy something that isnít ďperfectĒ and play at a slower pace than most action-RPGs on the market. If youíre one of those people who only pay for AAA blockbuster-budget titles, this one wonít be for you. The varied combat and mission approaches can make this a fun game, if youíre willing to take the time to play it in the complex way it was meant. And hell, itís a damn pirate RPG, so go drink, shoot, and be merry!"
Review @ Gamereactor.eu 23.04.2012 12:00 "After the initial moments of impasse, Risen 2 really knows how to gratify the player. Just in case you wanted to undertake this long journey, be patient and dilute the whole thing with a dash of rum. If you're abstinent, however, we advise you to dock in a different port."
Review @ TheGamersHub 23.04.2012 12:00 "Risen 2: Dark Waters offers players a great pirate game unlike any other Ė mind you there arenít many others. The story is interesting and fun, with a variety of good scenarios that makes story progression enjoyable. Gameplay wise, Risen 2 offers a semi-open world with action RPG mechanics with each island being good in size with much to explore and discover."

Final Score: 4/5
Review destructoid.com 23.04.2012 02:00 "What Piranha Bytes has developed could have been a thoroughly supreme game, one that could have gone toe to toe with the heavyweights of action role-playing. Due to a number of highly questionable design decisions, however, a lot of that potential has withered away. With so much lost, it's perhaps a testament to how talented the team secretly is that Risen 2 is still packed with fun in the face of truly inhibiting setbacks.

That deserves a modest round of applause, at the very least."

Rating: 7.0/10 ("Good")
Review @ Mash Those Buttons 22.04.2012 12:00 "The unevenness present through difference aspects of Risen 2 left me with a bittersweet feeling. The game is a definite improvement over the original Risen, but it isnít on par with the great action RPGs that have come out recently."

3.2 out of 5