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22.02.2014 12:58 [Risen 3 Misc (english)] Risen 3: Titan Lords list of information and facts
Information list in other languages: DE

Updated: 14.03.2014
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= recently added
= Official source: a member of the Piranha Bytes
= Official source: a member of the Deep Silver team
*Note: information added after 01.03.2014 will be dated according to the moment it was added to the list.

Technical Information



Release date: August 2014 (DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360 (DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
Languages: English and German confirmed, high possibility for others

Copy protection: Release via Steam, DRM (EN) 22.02.2014
At least in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the PC retail version will be DRM free. There will obviously be a Steam version for those who want one but it will not be forced onto the customers - at least in these three countries.

Engine: Same, as in Gothic 3, Risen, Risen 2, improved. Still animation problems during cutscenes, like in previous titles. (DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
The engine will support physically based rendering. Material physics will be improved. - short explanation of PBR -(thanks Forward!) (EN)(RU) 24.02.2014
Modding: There will not be an official mod kit. (DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
DLC: Yes. (DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
Speculation: there might be up to 6 DLCs. (DE)(EN) 07.03.2014

Production Information



Piranha Bytes officially announced to the English community that they are working on a new project.

Bjφrn Pankratz confirmed as project manager (he was also the PM of Risen 2)

The project will not be a remake (thanks eddievedder for letting us know)

Risen 3 confirmed (not official yet) as a steam database DLC update. (Thanks Diman for spotting this) (source) 20.08.2013
The new project is an RPG.

The new project is not Gothic 5.

Mike Hoge is hinted to not be working on the new project. (source) 11.02.2014
Risen 3: Titan Lords confirmed. (thanks Forward) (source) 21.02.2014

Gameplay information

Game World



• Primarily middle european but also mediterranean and tropical regions.
• The world is modelled by hand.
• Seperate loading zones like in R2. No free roaming with out loading screens.
• There will be a world of the living and an world of the dead.
(DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
• There will be no single landmass, presumably islands.

• This will be the largest map in a PB game. (EN) 07.03.2014

Combat System



General Information • There will be a prologue during which you can experiment with higher abilities. After that, you continue on level 1.
• At the beginning, you already have an evasion somersault and short range teleportation to escape combat.
• Unconscious enemies can be plundered.
• There will be party members again who will help you in combat.
(DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
• The hero builds up a crew/group of companions like in Risen 2 (but only one at a time can follow the player). There are also companions from the land of the dead.
• No level scaling.
(EN) 01.03.2014
Melee • Heavy armours and swords.
• Blocks work against monsters, but only the weaker kind.
(DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
• The combat system involves four actions: blow, heavy blow, dodge roll, parade - there is also a rudimentary combo system (hit the mouse button three times in the right moment to get extra damage). (EN) 01.03.2014
Magic System • Fireballs and lightning beams.
• Voodoo magic will most likely also be available.
(DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
• Some spells have melee variants. (EN) 01.03.2014
Ranged Combat • There will be both muskets AND bows. (DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
Armours and gear • Heavy armours, big swords (as opposed to Risen 2's coats and ιpιe).
• Armours can be obtained as a reward for joining guilds or reaching higher ranks.
• Guardians furnish their gloves with blue energy crystals (magic power supply)
(EN) 01.03.2014




• Roasting meat etc. will happen in a separate window again.
• Swimming will be possible.
(DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
• There will be climbing in certain places. (EN) 22.02.2014
• There will be a glory system similar to the one in Risen 2. (thanks Powaz!) (EN) 24.02.2014
• NPCs have daily routines.
• More ambient animations like in Risen 1 (e.g. drinking from water barrels).
• Climbing only in scripted places (which are a lot more common than in Risen 2).
• NPCs react to the player stealing their stuff/entering prohibited areas.
• Guild-specific skills.
• Smithing, brewing, scroll writing can be learned.
• Opening chests, using a campfire etc. happens in the menu screen, not in the game
• There is a XP (?) penalty for being caught when stealing (pickpocketing?)
thanks, Baltram!
(EN) 01.03.2014
• Astral sight: the ocular will be used to see enemies flashing in red and detect chest loot and other stuff like this. (EN) 22.02.2014

Game Mechanics



Navigation: • The game will feature a minimap, with the option to disable it.

• The game will feature a "free camera", which will allow the player to see the main character from all positions.

Other: • All NPCs will be immortal, only quests will give you the option to kill some of them.
• There will be QTEs (quick time events)

• Food will still be swapped to “provisions”, similar to Risen 2. (DE)(EN) 22.02.2014

Storyline and Lore



Main story: • A young warrior is attacked from the shadows and deprived of his soul. He sets off to reclaim what is lost amidst the darkness that is spreading throughout the world. The banned Mages could be powerful allies on his quest. To get their help, he needs to find the Mage sanctuary on Taranis, also known as the Island of Thunder. Protected by the Guardians, the Mages search the mines of Taranis for crystals loaded with magic energy.

• New hero, the character from previous Risen games will still play a starring role however. (DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
Quests: • You find items belonging to dead people in the living world, return them in the world of the dead, and get bonuses, like loot locations.
• You regain humanity by collecting "soul dust" in the world of the dead
(EN) 22.02.2014
Characters: • You will meet with the inquisitor from R1 in the land of the dead. (EN) 22.02.2014
Factions: • Several factions (probably three) from which to choose.
• Already known are the “guardians” which resemble the paladins from older games.
(DE)(EN) 22.02.2014
• New enemy: The shadows (undead which rise from skull caves).
(DE)(EN) 22.02.2014



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