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28.03.2011 19:00 [Risen 2 Misc (english)] Risen 2: Overview
Name of the gameRisen 2 - Dark Waters
GenreRoleplaying game (Fantasy)
SettingPirates, sailing ships, firearms, tropical/Caribbean islands
Perspective3rd Person (over-the-shoulder camera)
DeveloperPiranha Bytes (Gothic I - III, Risen 1)
PublisherDeep Silver (Koch Media)
PlotThe hero from part one has become a sordid drunkard, plagued by the memories of what happened in Risen 1, and lives on Caldera, the last refuge of the Inquisition. Monsters rise from the depth of the sea and sink many ships which makes the supply situation on the island increasingly critical. He is ordered to investigate one of the many shipwrecks that was washed ashore. There, he meets Patty, daughter of captain Steelbeard from the first game. Apparently, her father has found a way to sail the seas unharmed by the monsters. They team up to search for Patty's father and his secret...
Engineself developed; enhanced Risen 1 engine with licensed components (SpeedTree, PhysX, etc.)
Release date27th of April, 2012 (PC), 3rd of August, 2012 (Xbox360 and PS3)
PlatformsPC (Windows), Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Copy protectionSteam (including boxed version); see copy protection FAQ
Game mode(s)Singleplayer
Age ratingsUSK: 12
PEGI: 16
Focus onStory; characters; living world; exploration; replay value

  written by foobar