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10.04.2009 19:22 Overview
Name of the game:RISEN (the past participle of "to rise")
Genre:roleplaying game (fantasy)
Perspective3rd person (over-the-shoulder camera)
Developer:Piranha Bytes (Gothic I - III)
Publisher:Deep Silver
Plot:On a remote island with a caribean flair, strange things are happening. Old ruins rise from the ground (hence, the game's name) and with them, weird monsters appear. An organisation called "The Inqusition" has decided to investigate these events and seized power on the island. No one is allowed to roam on the land freely but as a newcomer, washed ashore with only some rags on your body, you have no choice...
Engine:self developed with licensed modules (Speedtree, PhysX, etc.)
Release date:October 2nd, 2009*
Platforms:PC (Windows), Xbox360
Game mode:single player
Age rating:USK: 12
ESRB: M+ (Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, Violence)
PEGI: 16
Copy protection:Tags (no online activation or DRM, only the DVD must be in the drive to start the game, see our copy protection FAQ)
Emphasis:Story; characters; replay value; believable, living world

written by foobar