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28.03.2011 19:00 [Risen 2 Misc (english)] Fact list: Risen 2 list of information (Page: 1)

Updated: 05.07.2011


RELEASE DATE: Q1 2012 (Source)

Deep Silver (Publisher)
Piranha Bytes (Developer)
Risen 2: Dark Waters Experience Site
Risen @ Facebook
Risen @ MySpace
DeepSilver R2 Forums
Jann Kerntke's website, PB's concepter

World of Risen
Piranha FanArt Portal
Risen France
Risen Cz
Piranha Bytes pl forum
R2 Forum @ Gothic.org.pl
Risen Italia
Gothic Univers.fr

World of Players


1. Preview in PC Games 3/11: 2. Preview @ GameSpot (GDC)
3. Preview @ IGN (GDC)
4. Video Preview by Zeitgeist Game Review (GDC) (no ingame footage)
5. Preview @ Destructoid
6. Translated preview from RPGItalia (thanks Bastardo) (scroll down for the continuation)
7. Preview @ DualShockers (GDC)
8. Interview with Michael Hoge by igormania.ru
9. NEW Interview with Mike Hoge @ gothicz.net
10. NEW Interview with Daniel Oberlerchner @ gametrailers.com
11. NEW Interview with Sascha Henrichs @ WoR ; Some explanations concerning the interview and heightmaps
12. NEWInterview with Mike Hoge from Piranha Bytes and Daniel Oberlerchner from Deep Silver - Why Risen 2 will be better
13. NEW GamersGlobal: Interview with Björn Pankratz
14. NEW GameReactor-Interview with Daniel Oberlerchner
15. NEW GameStar Risen 2 Preview
16. NEW Gamona talks with Björn Pankratz
17. NEW Preview by Don Esteban @ WoR
18. NEW WoR interview with Björn Pankratz
19. NEW E3: Interview with Daniel Oberlerchner @ GameTrailers
20. NEW Interview with Axis Animation, makers of the Risen 2 trailer


1. NEW Preview @ gamespot.com
2. NEW Preview @ rpgfan.com
3. NEW Preview @ pcgamer.com
4. NEW Preview @ ign.com
5. NEW Preview @ justpushstart.com
6. NEW Preview @ gamingnexus.com
7. NEW Preview @ rpgamer.com
8. NEW Preview @ joystiq.com
9. NEW Preview @ gamesradar.com
10. NEW Preview @ spong.com
11. NEW Preview @ AtomicGamer
12. NEW Preview @ GameFocus
13. NEW Preview @ Gamertag Radio
14. NEW Preview @ RPG Site

Preliminary Project Information

1. Risen 2 was firstly hinted at soon after the release of Risen. Posted by Quy: I am sorry Zocky, but it is really too soon to talk about a new project. I just can tell you that we want to focus on our strengths but always with a motivation for change for the better. So now you can guess that it won't be something completely different than our other developed games. I hope this answer can satisfy you for now.

2. Soon after that, it was confirmed that they were actually involved in a new project. Posted by Quy: Sorry catalinux, I can't give you any comments about the new project.

3. Unoficial confirmation that the PBs are working on Risen 2. Posted by Quy: I hope you will be satisfied with RPB II.

4. Official confirmation that the PBs are working on Risen. Source

5. Quy confirmed the fact that the engine will be built by the PBs, leaving the door open for a re-use of the Risen engine. Posted by Quy: But what I can tell you is that we won't buy an engine.

6. An add-on for Risen 1 is pretty much out of the question. Posted by Quy: But I can tell you, that our publisher denied an add-on.

7. Cow Intro Video (similar to Gothic 2) Posted by Aun quoting Andre: Here I can calm you, there will be something new in style of the cow. Was already planned for Risen as well, but it was finished too late. In this sense, the cow is dead, long live the cow!

8. The game will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS 3. Source.

9. The Canadian design studio Volta is involved with Risen 2. Risen 2 Logo Design @ Volta Blog

10.This [the budget for Risen 2] is a secret indeed. But I can tell you that Risen 2 is the most expensive game that PB developed so far. Source.

11. NEW There is a chance Risen 2 will be followed by a totally different project, therefore being the last game (at least for now) in the series.(Source - Question 1)

12. NEW According to Mike, the rights to the Gothic series will return to PB as soon as R2 comes out. (Source - Last question)

13. NEW The console version (X-Box 360 and PS3) is developed simultaneously with the PC one, performs and looks the same. Source

14. NEW The audio part of Risen 2 will be made by Dynamedion, the same company which worked
on Arcania: Gothic 4. (Source)

Game Facts


1. The world will be much bigger, with more NPCs. (Source.)

2. The world will be bigger than Risen 1 and split into several islands. This allows to easily realise different climates and landscapes (no need to smoothly blend from one landscape to the other). (Source)

3. NEW Each island will be about the size of Faranga. (island in R1) (Source)

4. You use ships to travel between the islands but it is unknown if this will just be a scripted point-to-point transport or if you can control and navigate your own vessel.(Source)

5. Improved NPC routines. (Source)

6. The books will be like in R1, which means mostly audible. (Note: in Risen 1, most books were only audible, yet there were 2 or 3 inventory readable ones) (Source)

7. Inventory Icons similar to those in Risen. (Source ; picture of the inventory)

8. NOT an In-game feature: Brothels. (Source)

9. Confirmed: Fire arms will be in the game, forming the ranged combat, including canons. There will still be magic. (Source 1 Source 2)

10. There will be no more bows and crossbows, having been replaced by firearms. (Source)

11. There will be mini-games. (Source) The PBs had some extra minigame-meetings (Source)

12. NOT an in-game feature: Swimming. (Source)

13. Eavesdropping. An example given is that you can hear two NPCs talking about a third one guarding a treasure. While the referred person seems to be very careful in general, you can also learn when exactly he'll leave his post. That makes it easy for you to get the stuff. Those who do not open eyes and ears when walking across the world will miss some quests and possible. (Source)

14. The armour consists of individual sets of boots, gloves, hats, upper and lower clothing etc. (Source)

15. There will be NO minimap, but there will be optional questmarkers available on the normal inventory map, similar to Risen 1. (Source)

16. There will be treasures, parrots and rum! (Source)

17. Confirmed magic system: Voodoo (Source)

18. Improved party system (details still unknown, but confirmed interraction with the party members via dialogue menus) (Source)

19. A more dynamic combat system, which allows for alternating melee with ranged. (Source)

20. There will be new crafting options in Risen 2 that will fit the setting. (Source)

21. Firearms will not have realistic loading times because that would make the balancing very complicated. (Source)

22. There will be large monsters, comparable to the troll in Gothic. (Source)

23. NEW There will be weapon crafting, but no armor crafting. (Source)

24. NEW Comfort features are optional. (Source)

25. NEW There will be 5 categories of skills: melee (blade skills, sword and dagger) archery (shooting skills, pistols and rifles) cunning (silver tongue, Dirty Tricks, bomb placing, Dodge, etc.) hardness (Intimidate, immunity to blades and bullets, courage etc.) magic (speculation that it is around voodoo) (Source)

26. NEW There will be a feature allowing the player to quickly compare items and stats. (Source)

27. NEW Climbing will be in the game. (Source)

28. NEWAuto-Looting / No inventory opens when you click on an defeated enemy: (Source)

30. NEW There will be no staff fighting, ergo no staves.(Source)

31. NEW There will be factions (guilds) for the player to join, though the only mandatory faction will be the Pirates. Joining a faction (guild) will open quests and teachers for the player, at the same time blocking certain quests and teachers specific to others. (Source)

32. NEW Some fighting moves won't require a weapon (Source), although there will be NO unarmed fighting (Source)

33. NEW There will be NO shields.(Source)

34. NEW There will be plate armors in the game, but they will be rare.(Source)

35. NEW You will also have counter attacks. No disarming but you can kick the enemy, distract him with a specially trained parrot, throw sand or salt in his eyes and so on. (Dirty tricks) (Source)

36. NEW The Inquisition will have the best teachers for gun fighting. (Source)

37. NEW Potions will be based on alcohol, especially the healing ones.(Source)

38. NEW The hero will own a ship and will get a crew. The ship will be used to travel between islands, while the crew will act as optional party members.(Source)

39. NEW The crew members will be immortal, but the enemies will focus their attacks on them, as it is possible to knock them unconscious.(Source)

40. NEW There will be rowing boats. They not only function as a device to get to an island without a harbor but they also work for quick-travel on an island. Since the islands can be quite vast in appearance, PB strategically placed rowboats along the coast line if you want to jump from one part of the island to the next. You will have to discover at least 2 rowboats though to enable quick-travel with them.(Source)

41. NEW The player will be able to give the party members healing potions.(Source)

42. NEW There will be no two handed weapons.(Source)

43. NEW Most of the creatures in the game are new. (Source)

44. NEW The number of spells in Risen 2 will be similar to the one in Risen 1.(Source)

45. NEW There will be NO in game jobs similar to those in Gothic 2.(Source)

46. NEW The chest contents are placed manually.(Source)

47. NEW There will be pickup animations of herbs and items. (Source)

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  written by Maladiq