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28.03.2011 19:00 [Risen 2 Misc (english)] Fact list: Risen 2 list of information (Page: 2)


1. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, as titans devastated the whole world, except a few places.

2. The hero has given up, and has found consolation in drinking.

3. Sailing is impossible due to new terrifying sea creatures which attack the ships.

4. The player will meet Patty and Commandant Carlos once again, as well as Patty's father, captain Gregarious Steelbeard .

5. The hero is a member of the Inquisition.

6. The mains theme is: PIRATES!

7. Unique ending. The end game of Risen 2 will be more or less linear too - one objective to achieve, for example to kill the end boss. But until you get there, there are probably still enough side quests to do. (Source)

8. Locations will change depending on how far you have played but will not change according to your alignment/actions as in Fable. (Source)

9. NEW The chapters will be more balanced in terms of story telling and quests. ([/b]Source)

10. One of the islands is named Caldera, and one of the cities Antigua (Source)

11. NEW The mysterious voodoo woman from the trailer will play a big part in Risen 2.(Source)

12. NEW Risen 2 will have more lore.(Source)

Graphics, Animation and Sound

1. The game will feature motion capture. (Source)

2. Characters will feature basic facial expressions. (Source)

3. One handed swords will be carried at the side and not on the back. (Source)

4. Improvements concerning water, fog and the sky. (Source)

5. The human models were improved, especially the women.

6. NEW Heightmaps were used this time around for the creation of the massive world. (Source - Question 16)

7. NEW All the plants (environment, not items) in the game will be hand placed.(Source - Question 17)

8. NEW A lot of new instruments will be used for the soundtrack. (Source)

Engine Features

1. Ultra View Range Option. (Source)

2. Different Camera Control. The current movement controls seems to be similar to Two Worlds and other games, yet the difference is unnoticeable. (Source). While the character stands still the camera is free, while it controls the direction of movement when the character runs or walks. (Source)

3. Possible YouTube support. (Source)

4. Impossibility too change direction while jumping. (Source)

5. A more dynamic camera during COMBAT, it is now detached from the hero which is very helpful in fights againt multiple opponents. (Source)

6. NEW There won't be any breaking trees or destructible landscapes. (Source - Question 21)

7. NEW A new animation system is being used, "Morpheme", and the already mentioned Heightmap tool, which is now implemented in the editor. (Some details about Morpheme in an article; Euphoria by NaturalMotion: Could give some insight into the technologies behind Morpheme.[/i]) (Source - Question 23)

8. The islands are each a new loading zone (they still use streaming in each zone, so it's kind of "worst of both worlds" ) (Source)

9. NEW Risen 2 will support antialiasing. (Source)

10. NEWThe game will be automatically paused while the inventory is opened. (Source)

11. NEW The player will be able to use a XBox controller with the PC version.(Source)

12. NEW The engine will take advantage of multiple core CPUs, yet it won't find use of more than 4 cores. (Source)

13. NEW The water also reflects a lot of other things, like buildings or trees. There is an option in the editor for every single object, and the developers decide if it has a reflection on the water or not.(Source)

14. NEW Particles will not be reflected. (Source)

15. NEW Risen 2 will support 16:10 resolutions. (Source)

16. NEWFire is a particle effect, so it won't have a reflection in the water. (Source)

17. NEW The menu backgrounds will not be stretched anymore (Source)

18. NEW "Nice" cloth animations on objects like flags. (Source)

19.NEW HDR is an essential and integrated part of the weather settings, so the player will not be able to turn it off. (Source)

20. NEW Bloom is not static post processing effect any more. It's linked dynamically in the weather system. There aren't any bright shiny areas (e.g. the beach or on clothes) any more. (Such as the E3 screenshots).(Source)


1. Risen 2 Gallery @ World of Risen (Contains high resolution pictures without watermark)
2. The First Risen 2 Trailer@IGN
2. Risen 2 Logo huge size (Thanks SlamDunk)
3. A tour inside PB. Video interview during development of Risen 2:4. First artworks: 5. Hero Artworks (supposedly)6. Risen 2 avatars from DeepSilver (thanks LordOfWAR)
7. Gallery @ Gamespot
8. Gallery @ IGN
9. Risen 2 Logo Concepts, by Volta.
10.Risen 2 : Day/Night Cycle ScreenSaver
11. Risen 2 : Dark Waters Teaser ScreenSaver
12. Risen 2 MainTheme Soundtrack (by AgooreZ)
13. NEW GameStar Preview PDF - Contains artwork
14. NEW Pirates Theme (by AgooreZ)


1. Sand devil (New) Inspired by the angler fish, it has a lighting appendage which draws its prey at night. It seems to live in the tall grass (on the Risen2 experience site we can see the light organ coming out of the tall grass). It has a huge mouth with razor sharp teeth, proof of the fact that it will try and eat anything that crosses its path. Images:2. Termite (New) Inspired by the Gothic Minecrawlers, it seems to live in the jungle. It is colored in red and gray. Images:
3. Ashbeast (supposedly) If that is indeed the ashbeast, it looks like it has eyes now and looks a lot more menacing, a significant change from the Risen 1 Ashbeast . Images:
4. Gnomes: Info/pic

5. Monkeys: Picture

6. The Dreaded Sea Beast (unofficial name) This are, I guess, the nasty critters that prevent ships from sailing.
7. Unnamed "chicken" beast 1: Picture

8. NEW Unnamed "chicken" beast 2: Picture

9. NEW Giant Crab: Picture

10. NEW Crocodile Picture

11. NEW The "Awesome" creature Picture

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  written by Maladiq