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23.07.2010 12:00 [Profiles (former)] Kai Rosenkranz
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Kai Rosenkranz

Job at Piranha Bytes?
Composer and sound designer


I already worked for PB when I went to school. Hence, my only education in the games development is my experience.

Jobs so far
Mainly Piranha Bytes. Sometimes other small jobs from different areas, i.e. fotography, media design, film production, composition, web programming and design.

Worked on the following games
The complete Gothic series and Risen.

Favourite music?
Soundtracks and the webradio www.martiniinthemorning.com.

Favourite games?
Beyond Good And Evil.

What are your strengths?
Always full of ideas. Some of them even realisable .

What do you dislike?
1.) "Due to a slowdown in our operating procedure, our train has currently a delay of x munites."
2.) Long waiting lines.
3.) Being called "impatient" .

What do you like, what are your hobbies?
I love my wife, thrilling challenges, changes. But I don't really have real "hobbies", the time when I am not working belongs to my family and friends.

What would you like to see in a game for once?
Something that moves me to tears.

Are you afraid to run out of ideas for games?
Whenever I run out of ideas, my colleagues help me with inspiring thoughts and proposals. Therefore, it's currently working quite well. How long I will be able to surprise with new styles and fresh ideas before everything sounds the same... good question. I hope, I'll have a few more years .

  written by foobar