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23.07.2010 12:00 [Profiles (former)] Marko Jelen
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Marko Jelen

Tätigkeit bei Piranha Bytes?
3D artist (general dogsbody)


Bachelor of science (media technology and -design)

Jobs so far

Worked on the following games
Pay Servant: Medieval Wars, Arena (both projects of students)

Favourite music?
Mainly reggae and metal

Favourite games?
"Ultima 9: Ascension" shares the top with "Deus Ex"

What are your strengths?
I learn quickly

What do you dislike?
Getting up early (God bless the wonderful working hours at Piranha Bytes!) and be addressed with the German honorific "Sie".

What do you like, what are your hobbies?
Pretty much everything that has to do with games (board, PC, console, p&p), LARP, playing the bagpipe, writing, daydreaming

What would you like to see in a game for once?
Leaving traces of my deeds that were pre-programmed before. And of course, my name in the credits in the category "game designer".

Are you afraid to run out of ideas for games?
No. I made the experience that your ideas rarely can be realised as you imagined because a programmer always put in his veto.

  written by foobar