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27.04.2014 12:00 [Risen 3 bestiary] Hell Hound
Dragon Snapper | Giant Rat | Gnome | Hell Hound | Lava Golem | Scavenger | Shadow Warrior | Shadowlord | The Iron Golem | Tomb Spider Jungle |

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The Hellhound is a true nightmare for the player! His demonic appearance alone can make adventurers shake in their boots and his weight of about 80 kg (roughly 176 lb) makes for an impressive build.

Once you look into the glowing eyes, whatever courage you might have had left will quickly dissipate anyway. His excellent ears and sense of smell make him the perfect hunter. And if you think that he acts alone, you are making a big mistake. A pack of these animals can end a hero's life quicker than you can swear. Did we mention that this agile beast can also climb?

The Hellhound's primary weapon are his teeth. With a long leap he likes to jump at the throat of his victim to feast on it. As if that was not bad enough, another word of caution: Often, the beast only serves as the pet of something even more dangerous.