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24.06.2014 19:00 [Risen 3 bestiary] Scavenger
Dragon Snapper | Giant Rat | Gnome | Hell Hound | Lava Golem | Scavenger | Shadow Warrior | Shadowlord | The Iron Golem | Tomb Spider Jungle |

Underestimating opponents is never a good idea. This is of course also true for the exciting world of Risen 3: Titan Lords. The scavenger may not seem that dangerous at first glimpse - for instance, it is just a herbivore.

But don't kid yourself. While the scavenger prefers to warn and threaten potential enemies away rather than attacking them directly, an encounter with him can still end deadly. Especially since these creatures are rarely alone and travel in groups.

You may run across the 1.5 metres (about 5 ft) tall Scavengers at riverbanks and the lakeshores. Clearings in the jungle also count to their preferred pastures. If the plant eater feels threatened, he will attack with his sharp beak. He will also rely on his strong legs to keep attackers away.