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18.05.2014 21:23 [Risen 3 bestiary] Dragon Snapper
Dragon Snapper | Giant Rat | Gnome | Hell Hound | Lava Golem | Scavenger | Shadow Warrior | Shadowlord | The Iron Golem | Tomb Spider Jungle |

Nomen est Omen, as far as it relates to the Dragon Snapper. One look at that quick and tough beast and you have no trouble imagining its razor sharp teeth and claws ripping the flesh from your bones. And often, these agile predators are not alone but hunt in packs of up to three members.

With a size of about 2 metres (6.5 ft), his jaws close quicker around your head than anyone could want. And the Dragon Snapper does not have to suddenly appear right in front of the character. He can leap at you from a greater distance without any trouble.