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03.08.2014 22:30 [Risen 3 bestiary] Giant Rat
Dragon Snapper | Giant Rat | Gnome | Hell Hound | Lava Golem | Scavenger | Shadow Warrior | Shadowlord | The Iron Golem | Tomb Spider Jungle |

If little mice cause people to climb on tables in fear, imagine what panic one metre big rats will cause. In Risen 3: Titan Lords, they prefer dank caves and rocky areas.

The good news is that they are usually not a big threat. The bad news is that they are belligerent and constantly searching for something - anything - edible. They will attack if they feel threatened!

If you fight them, be prepared. They will go on their hind legs and latch on to your hero. They also like to jump at people from a greater distance.

  written by foobar