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01.11.2010 22:25 [Profiles] Quy Hoang
Amadeus Weidmann | Andreas Menkhoff | André Braun | André Hotz | André Thiel | Björn Pankratz | Daniel Kozakowski | Gavin | Harald Iken | Horst Dworczak | Jennifer Pankratz | Kristoffer Lerch | Kurt Pelzer | Marc Bongers | Mario Röske | Michael Rüve | Mike Hoge | Milad Sadinam | Nuno Leiria | Paul Springfeld | Philipp Krause | Quy Hoang | Roman Keskenti | Sascha Henrichs | Stefan Kalveram | Sven Dekubanowski | Victor Karp |

Quy Hoang

Job at Piranha Bytes?
3D artist for level design


Bachelor of Science in Media Informatics

Jobs so far
only studied so far

Worked on the following games
Risen is my first game

Favourite music?
Commercial music.

Favourite games?
It's difficult to pick something but to state a name: the Final Fantasy series (I play its parts one after the other)

What are your strengths?
Crossword puzzles.

What do you dislike?
Rain, cold, snowy streets

What do you like, what are your hobbies?
Sports, beach, sea, vacation and video games of course.

What would you like to see in a game for once?
Myself as lively quest giver.

Are you afraid to run out of ideas for games?
Mmmh, I really have no idea what to write here.

  written by foobar