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22.12.2012 18:46 [Profiles] Amadeus Weidmann
Amadeus Weidmann | Andreas Menkhoff | André Braun | André Hotz | André Thiel | Björn Pankratz | Daniel Kozakowski | Gavin | Harald Iken | Horst Dworczak | Jennifer Pankratz | Kristoffer Lerch | Kurt Pelzer | Marc Bongers | Mario Röske | Michael Rüve | Mike Hoge | Milad Sadinam | Nuno Leiria | Paul Springfeld | Philipp Krause | Quy Hoang | Roman Keskenti | Sascha Henrichs | Stefan Kalveram | Sven Dekubanowski | Victor Karp |

Amadeus Weidmann

Job at Piranha Bytes?



Jobs so far
I have tried some different stuff (hot chair holder in an insurance company, telephonist and stuff.), and at some point I got a job as a strategy guide writer (Drakensang and Warhammer Online)
After I finished my studies, I have found myself (in a short freelancer fling) at Honkytonk Entertainment.
It has always been a little dream for me to work at Piranha Bytes. Eventually I then tried it and it worked. Now I'm here

Worked on the following games
3 I-cannot-tell projects.

Favourite music?
Rock, Electronic, Chiptune, Rap, Metal, Classic, Epic, Nyan Cat.
Actually everything.

Favourite Games?
Gothic 1, Gothic 2 NotR, Risen 1.
Oblivion, Skyrim.
Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Zelda: Skyward Sword.
Left 4 Dead 1-2
Diablo 1-2
Portal 1-2

Okay, the whole paragraph makes no sense. I could continue the list forever.
When I look back, in the end my favorite games seem to be Left4Dead 1, KKND2 and Gothic 2.

What are your strenghts?
Coffee drinking.

What do you dislike?
Not being able to drink coffee. When my arm broke.

What do you like, what are your hobbies?
Making games. Both are somewhat obvious.

What would you like to see in a game for once?
Artificial intelligence so clever that I can have real conversations with the game characters. Without all the multiple-choice nonsense, but directly with the microphone.
And if you're thinking "You should go out on the street", that is not a true RPG

Are you afraid to run out of ideas for games?
When I'll REALLY run out of the I'll probably be dead.

  written by Maladiq